Why the FCC’s large fine on Robo Callers is worthless

Robo callers we all hate them! Most of us have gotten those annoying phone calls at the most inconvenient of times. In the beginning it was hard for people to root out these calls. They would have to keep track of the caller ID’s being used and learn to ignore them. Then came the block in the iPhone with other apps such as TrueCaller. The spammers were desperate and started a new tactic. They would call you from a number that is similar to yours. So if your phone number is 212-555-1010 you would get a call from 212-555-2423. The algorithm was Your Area code + Your prefix + 4 random numbers. Most people seeing a local number were taking the calls thinking it was someone local trying to contact them. Recently the FCC caught of the big players and imposed a 120 million fine on him, you can read up on it here¬†http://www.newsweek.com/who-adrian-abramovich-miami-man-accused-making-97-million-robocalls-fights-120-892275 .

This seems great. The bad guy is caught and is fined so much money that he will be out of business forever,. Long live the FCC and their fines. No more Robo calls! YAY!!!

If only it was that simple. In reality this is another feel good fine that will score points for the FCC and make them look good. This specific person is probably history since he now has a big target on his back. For the rest of them as soon as they feel any bit of heat all they need to do is open a new LLC, C-Corp etc. and start as if nothing happened. The proof?  Even with this big fine when was the last time you got one of these calls? For me it was last night.

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