VON Israel 2007

Where do I start ? There were so many interesting things this year at VON. From a new wireless phone by SNOM that works on DECT technology to seeing Motorola’s new Canopy Wireless. To some it up I was like a little kid in a candy shop. I also had the pleasure of speaking to the CEO and founder of SNOM Dr. Christian Stredicke. It looks like SNOM is headed in the right direction. There were many lectures held but I was too busy looking at all the toys I would buy if I had an unlimited budget. Here are a few things that stood out.

1) The HD phones from Polycom. I can now finally say that VOIP quality is better than PSTN. The Polycom 650 is definitely on my shopping list.

2) SNOM’s new wireless phone. While I am sad that it does not work on Wifi (I like the option of using it as I am on the go). However it seems that DECT technology has made a name for its self and I will have to get my hands on one once SNOM releases the phone.

3) HTC’s X7500. It’s a cute little toy that can actually help me out a lot. If for instance I need to ssh in to a server of mine it is a lot easier pulling out my laptop on the road or trying to read the tiny font in Putty on my PDA phone.

4) Motorola’s Canopy wireless technology. I like the idea of wireless technology that can go up to 2 kilometers and have constant speeds of 20 mbps. The best part is no license is needed to operate it.

5) Motorola’s power over AC technology. While the technology has existed for a while Motorola has seemed to do a great job with it. They have perfected it so that it can work in a large building environment with little to no issues (current technology limits how far the devices can be from each other).

There were lots of other things presented at VON but these were the ones that stood out most. Anyone out there want to help me with my shopping habit (aka toy addiction) ?


New HTC Mobile Phone

HTc X7500

I had a peak at a demo model of the new HTC X7500 at VON Israel yesterday. All I can say is WOW. The device has a 5 inch touch screen. It boasts 8 gigs of memory, HD Slot, GPS, Wifi, TV Output and HSDPA Technology. The phone works on GSM which is a downer for Verizon users. And oh it has a detachable qwerty keyboard !! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them. Time to break that piggy bank.


4G. Are you ready for 3.6Gb a sec ?

A company in South Korea has announced that will be shortly releasing hardware that will allow users to down load at 3.6Gb a second moving at 3 Kilometers a second. The technology is being called NoLA shot for New Nomadic Local Area Wireless Access. Let’s hope they can have it where I can get these speeds at 60 MPH and sign me up. It is amazing how far we have come in just a few short years. Now if only my ISP in the US can offer more than 30mbps I may be happy (yes I am complaining about only 30mbps). For more information have a look at the article on EnGadget here.


Open Source Technology

As some of you may know I am part of the Asterisk users list. I can not understand why people expect open source to be free and the best. As usual every once in a while people complain that there is not enough features available, that this or that is broken etc. It is called Open Source for a reason. In the case of Asterisk while Digium controls what goes in Asterisk a lot of the code is submitted by users. If you do not like what is in there then either code it to your liking or pay some one to do it. Back in the day when I was new to Asterisk and I was not able to write my own code I needed something added. I simply went on to the developers list and offered to pay some one to code the feature. It bothers me to end that people expect to have everything that they want for free. This makes me laugh thinking about Microsoft. There you pay for the product and you still don’t get all the features that you want.

Sorry for the rant. It has been a while since I had time to write about it and now I had the time 😉


VON 2007 Israel

I will be in Israel this coming week. I just received my confirmation and will be attending VON 2007 Israel. Jeff Pulver always seems to do a terrific job. I can not wait to see the latest innovation’s coming out of Israel. The Israeli’s seem to know how to get it right. If you are going to be there please let me know and maybe we can dream up some thing new. Life is all about creativity.


New iPhone Hack Out there

Just as I thought a new release is out there. Engadget had a posting about it. This one allows you to get in to the phone thanks to a security flaw in Safari. It is for v.1.1.1. Hmm I wonder when apple will have a “fix” for it. For now it seems that all these hacks come from volnerabilities in the phones software. Maybe I was wrong with my last assumption, or was I ?


An iPhone Unlock Solution

They say that for every smart person there is a smarter person. We all rejoiced way back in the day when the first hack came out for the iPhone. It took many hours by a 17 year old kid from Jersey but he got it done. What makes me wonder is that shortly after the hard hack came out (it required pulling apart the phone sniping wires etc.) there was a software hack out there. All those months no one had a software hack and then it came out. Is this any coincidence ? I am not one of those people that dream up theories (like my old boss that said that Symantec created virus’s to say in business) but its just odd. Besides for those agreements with ATT&T it would serve in apples best interest for an unlock to be out there. As soon as the software hack was out sales soared for Apple. Then Apple had to do the right thing and “fix” the hack. This makes me wonder when the apple execs need a new sales boost and mysteriously a new software hack is released. Anyone with me ?