4G. Are you ready for 3.6Gb a sec ?

A company in South Korea has announced that will be shortly releasing hardware that will allow users to down load at 3.6Gb a second moving at 3 Kilometers a second. The technology is being called NoLA shot for New Nomadic Local Area Wireless Access. Let’s hope they can have it where I can get these speeds at 60 MPH and sign me up. It is amazing how far we have come in just a few short years. Now if only my ISP in the US can offer more than 30mbps I may be happy (yes I am complaining about only 30mbps). For more information have a look at the article on EnGadget here.


2 thoughts on “4G. Are you ready for 3.6Gb a sec ?

  1. Unfortunately, that speed is for wireless local networking, they are not bringing a 3.6 Gb internet connection to your home

  2. You are right but for media it will be great. The US is lagging behind in internet speeds to the home. There are some countries that offer 100mbps to the home. I can’t wait for that in my area. Can anyone say black fiber ?

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