An iPhone Unlock Solution

They say that for every smart person there is a smarter person. We all rejoiced way back in the day when the first hack came out for the iPhone. It took many hours by a 17 year old kid from Jersey but he got it done. What makes me wonder is that shortly after the hard hack came out (it required pulling apart the phone sniping wires etc.) there was a software hack out there. All those months no one had a software hack and then it came out. Is this any coincidence ? I am not one of those people that dream up theories (like my old boss that said that Symantec created virus’s to say in business) but its just odd. Besides for those agreements with ATT&T it would serve in apples best interest for an unlock to be out there. As soon as the software hack was out sales soared for Apple. Then Apple had to do the right thing and “fix” the hack. This makes me wonder when the apple execs need a new sales boost and mysteriously a new software hack is released. Anyone with me ?


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